Property Insurance Litigation

Our property insurance litigation practice is built upon our work as Coordinating Counsel for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation for three years. During that time we provided guidance and strategies on more than 3,000 property insurance cases and helped to win favorable trial results in the majority of the jury trials that we oversaw. The firm now brings that knowledge to both the industry and to the private sector and helps its clients navigate the increasingly complex property insurance claims landscape.

When representing homeowners, from the first notice of a claim or loss, our firm works with policyholders to maximize their insurance coverage. We guide policyholders through the maze of insurance claims, including proofs of loss, responding to reservation of rights letters, and litigation when necessary against insurance carriers for both claims involving the denial of coverage and for providing insufficient proceeds to cover the loss suffered. By providing our clients with coverage advice early in the claims process, we are able to help our clients preserve their insurance coverage for both common law and statutory bad faith claims and ensure that their rights are protected. Our firm also helps its clients to prosecute bad faith claims handling, including the failure to attempt in good faith to settle as well as punitive damage claims when the insurance company’s actions indicate a general business practice of reckless disregard for the rights of the insured.

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