Business Litigation

We take cases on both sides of the V, and our clients are better served for it due to the insights gained from representing both plaintiffs and defendants.  Broad experience, perspective and knowledge help us to craft  innovative winning strategies.  We thrive on challenges requiring outside the box thinking and flexibility to succeed.  We know winning strategies for both defendants and plaintiffs and this structures our trial tactics as well as our approach to negotiations.

Our Approach

We build our case on a straightforward path toward dispositive motions and trial. Our approach is to develop a strategic plan with our clients based upon all viable options and the desired degree of aggressiveness. From the beginning, we focus on the elements that matter most. Discovery is conducted in ways that are cost efficient and effective, positioning the client for the best legal representation that is also the most cost effective. Early settlement of cases often proves to be in the best business and financial interests of our clients, but we believe there’s no substitute for being trial ready.

We communicate clearly and regularly. Our clients know where they stand during every step of the legal process as its key to a collaborative winning strategy.

Our litigation team has earned respect as trial lawyers and aggressive client advocates. Our attorneys enjoy the respect of judges, fellow advocates and clients. Our integrity, meticulous preparation and trial-ready mentality lead to the most favorable results, either at trial or through negotiated settlements.

Types of Clients and Cases

Our litigation clients vary in size from multi-billion dollar corporations to start-ups and entrepreneurs.  We have successfully resolved diversified and complex commercial disputes including secured transactions, deal offering agreements, real estate issues, securities laws and enforcement of rights pursuant to merger and acquisition agreements, and numerous multi-faceted forms of contractual matters.

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